Since the Beginning of Time

Legend has told of an epic battle between darkness and light. But now, the darkness spreads, and it is the light that needs to arise. And so, mankind is facing its final battle. For too long have I watched the ways of the people. For too long have I silently worked in the background on discovering the hidden mechanisms of this world ... Continue reading

The Great Silence

And then, quite suddenly, one day in late March with the beginning of spring, the world fell into great silence. After years and decades of aggressive overexpansion, ever-increasing production and exploitation of the planet's finite resources for the greater good of a never-stopping globalization ... Continue reading

Dusk or Dawn

After triggering several key levels yesterday, $BTC dropped almost 10% within 24 hours. Although this move looks very violent at first glance, it has stopped (for now) in a territory which can be considered support, leaving room for a potential bullish reversal taking place still, although momentum clearly is on the side of the bears. … Continue reading Dusk or Dawn

The Paramount Battle of 6k

Good Afternoon everyone, after returning from some weeks of well-deserved holiday, it is now time to focus on the recent market developments and paint a refreshed picture of what is to come to the markets in the neartime future. This is the battle of 6k key level zone. Although the cryptosphere has already erased a … Continue reading The Paramount Battle of 6k

The Turn of the Tide

So I have returned from my spiritual quest. Time is short, yet many things are left undone. Instructions have been given to me which I am decoding to my best knowledge at this time, to pass it on to the fellows that recognize the truth inherent in this human experience. This post is about the … Continue reading The Turn of the Tide

The Truth about Ripple

Gents, Ladies, Newcomers & Oldskoolers.. For a long time I kept calm and observed what is going on in the markets while letting the process naturally unfold. Due to recent events however we are now at a point in time where it is more important than ever to speak up. When ignorance gets to a … Continue reading The Truth about Ripple