Letters From Dagobah

Crypto Market Commentary


From the deep and humid wetlands of a once forgotten world, CryptoYoda presents the Letters From Dagobah.
Crafted in the misty swamps of the Jungle, these unique letters provide elaborate insight
into the market environment to his most loyal fellowship.

Obtained through prolonged contemplation and meditation on the Source, CryptoYoda diligently seeks
to use his understanding of the markets for the betterment of all those who
walk the path of financial independence.


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• High-Timeframe Technical Analysis of Bitcoin & Major Crypto Pairs
• Market Commentary based on Monthly, Weekly & Daily Charts
• Assessment of Market Movements, Context and Relevance
• Outline of Key Levels & Points of Interest
• Objective Discussion of Potential Bull/Bear Scenarios
• Commentary on Global Developments & Events as relevant
• Bitcoin Dominance, MarketCap Charts and Minor Crypto Pairs as relevant
• Occasional Charts of Non-Crypto Markets (Gold/Silver/Traditional Markets) as relevant



For whom this Letter is not:
Most crypto speculators today are blinded by shortterm price action and volatile movements in the markets, while they completely forget the longterm prospects of this emerging technology. If you are one of those and just here for the quick buck, getting rich quickly without putting in the effort, or if you are solely looking for setups/entries/targets, please go look somewhere else.


For whom this Letter is:
This Letter is for the patient investor and those who want to enhance their understanding of market movements and -behavior.
Taking advantage of Yoda’s more than six years of experience in this most volatile crypto market, this letter is designed in a way that lets you follow the story of the market as it develops, while we journey together into the Golden Age of Cryptocurrency & Mainstream Adoption.


~ Letter publication is subject to market activity and significance of movements ~
or in the twisted words of an old wise man:

“A Letter from Dagobah is never late,
nor is it early, it arrives precisely
when it means to.”




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