Crypto Trading

Welcome to the Wild West of Crypto Trading. Due to a lack of regulation and governmental oversight, chances are that in this market you will witness what you have never seen in any other market in your life in terms of volatility and speed of movements.

Amongst other things, choosing the proper place to trade is of fundamental importance. Hence below you will find an overview of selected Crypto Exchanges that have gained my personal trust and are outstanding in their own specific ways. As there is no perfect exchange out there, we have to choose according to our needs and demands. In this case, fast order execution, safety and usability are the main concerns.

The following exchanges are my personal favorites after years of experience using a variety of crypto exchanges in the market. Using these links will provide you with an advantage (save trading fees, deposit bonus) while simultaneously supporting my work:


Bittrex Global (4.5 / 5)

- Most Trusted Bitcoin/Altcoin Exchange in the Space -


Bitmex Derivate Exchange (4.5 / 5)

- Most Liquid Derivate Exchange in the World [Save 10% Fees] -



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