Since the Beginning of Time

Recorded April 5th, 2020 • Author: CryptoYoda

Legend has told of an epic battle between darkness and light. But now, the darkness spreads, and it is the light that needs to arise.

And so, mankind is facing its final battle. For too long have I watched the ways of the people. For too long have I silently worked in the background on discovering the hidden mechanisms of this world. And for too long have I withheld that which I came to know. This will now change.

What you do with the information is up to you. But I see it is as my responsibility to sound the alarm when I see danger at the horizon. I am aware that there are many out there who know what I have been coming to know and who worked relentlessly in the background, alone and thereby suffering with the knowledge that they have brought forth. For it is not only the knowledge that can be depressing, but the ignorance and unwillingness of those they try to warn that is particularly painful. This is for the light warriors, for those who remain strong in these difficult times, who know what is going on while the rest of the world is still asleep: Know that everything will be well in the end, but the the battle is far from over, this is yet the beginning. For the storm is brewing, and the growling thunder can be heard even from miles away.

The turbulence that is about to hit our global social-economic landscape in the coming weeks and months is unprecedented in history. I wish we had more time, at least some more years. But apparently we do not. It is now that this knowledge needs to be exposed, needs to be shared, needs to be seriously discussed and talked about in face of the greatest danger we as the people have ever encountered. And it is now that under the umbrella of these new surfacing information that we must unite, more than ever, to make it through the great shift in time.

You will not like what you will hear, and this will not be a particularly pleasant article, but it is so necessary, for if we are not aware and do not act right, we will be utterly lost.
I am aware that there are those who already know quite a lot about these matters, and there are those who are completely unaware of the developments in the background, and of course there are the ones in between, feeling that somehow, something is off in this world, that something ain’t quite alright.

This one is for the ones who know, and those who do not. This is for all who are ready to face the evil in this world.

It would be way easier to just keep shut about it. It would and would have saved me a lot of pain and struggle in my life to just let humanity continue going down the hill smashing into the wall, letting the dark side do its thing and looking the other way instead. But this is not what I signed up for, and it is not the reason I have come here in the first place.

It seems people do not like ideas that question their reality. Instead of openly discussing about it, they favor living pleasantly in the unknowing of what is going on, as long as they are spared the negative emotions that come up by even thinking about the possibility that in the shadow of this world there are things going on so sinister, so vast in its consequences, it would make their hair stand on ends. And to some degree I even understand thoroughly, I really can relate. Living ain’t easy. At some point in our lives we all have come to realize that life is not all sunshine and rainbows. Why on top of it all bother to consciously dive into the depth of darkness? What madness would drive one to voluntarily devote their life to a work involving so much darkness and pain?

The superficial life can be easy, and definitely has its merits. But know that there are those who suffer, while digging and surfacing from the very depths that which needs to be brought to light, and they are not doing it for themselves, but for everyone else, including you, whether you are aware of it or not. Someone got to do it, and I am so infinitely grateful for all these strong and wonderful individuals doing this most difficult work in this paramount time, so that the truth might finally shine. Thank you for your service. And thank you for not giving up on your fellow brothers and sisters. May your hope and strength never diminish.

We are at a crossroads in time, this is the tipping point. And we need all warriors of light, all bearers of hope and all sparks of wisdom and truth that we can possibly get to make it through. For the armies of the dark side is on the march, and only united we can stand.

In 1770 the Irish statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke wrote about the need for good men to associate to oppose the groups of evil men. Burke said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing. […] When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”

Let Morpheus help us remember and put it all into context:

“Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

I’m sure many can relate. Feeling like something is off has been a major part of my life since my early adolescence. So naturally, researching what is wrong with the world has been and still is a major part of my life. It started well before I came to Crypto, and it was the reason I came to Crypto in the first place. In hundreds and thousands of dark continuous hours, alone in my hut I uncovered for myself a conspiracy so vast and unbelievable, it almost completely shattered my life – and it perhaps would have if I didn’t have spirituality as a way to rebalance and grow through these dark times.

Amongst many other things I realized that the monetary system global trade is based upon is basically a scam. It is not only utter deception, but perhaps the largest fraud ever recorded in the history of mankind, designed to slowly take the wealth from the common citizen and put it into the pocket of those who are already rich. It was at this time, while on my quest on finding solutions to this so critical problem, that I found Crypto. I saw, researched and understood the inherent potential of such technology in bringing back the freedom and equality among men on this plane, superseding the system currently in place.

While years gone past, my interest in Crypto came and went, but researching in the shadows what is really going on in this world has not gone astray. One could say that my interest in these things are considerably higher prioritized than anything else in my life, except for walking the spiritual path which has always been my ultimate guidestone –
for we are eternal beings, not this crude matter.

I do not believe in the narrative that men is inherently evil. In my opinion, quite the opposite is the case. I believe humans to be a very loving, peaceful and compassionate species of remarkable intelligence and ability to cooperate. Nothing would make me happier as seeing mankind finally leaving this vicious cycle of physical, mental and spiritual degradation that has been going on for perhaps hundreds and thousands of years.

Considering the vast and accelerated decay of our species particularly in recent years of our modern time, we need to put forth the question: How is it possible that such an inherently loving species ends up manifesting such catastrophe on a global scale that beggars all description? The answer is not that we are plainly bad and guilty beings doing harm to ourselves and everyone around us as part of our natural being-ness. The answer is that we have been succumbed to the dark side, triggered and flocked by those whose interest is not the growth and evolution of our species, but the opposite.

What is the opposite of growth and evolution? It is degradation and devolution, defined as the process in which species can revert to supposedly more primitive forms over time.

Are you saying that there is a group consciously attempting to control the fate of mankind by purposefully leading us in a way that leads to our eventual degradation?

This is exactly what I am saying, and there is more: What I am saying is that when a flock of sheep is being pushed off a cliff, it is not the fault of the sheep, but that of the shepard.
Remember that sheep without a shepard wouldn’t even be at risk to fall off a cliff in the first place.

Without wanting to be overly specific or going into much more detail – which would be not of help to anyone at this time – about who and what is behind this all, let us unravel the current conditions on the chessboard of this most epic of all battles between darkness and light.

After decades of preparation the dark side is preparing its final move, the attempted checkmate of mankind, the end of all freedom. And there couldn’t be a more optimal situation to tick off all the remaining boxes of their agenda simultaneously than a global pandemic like the one we are experiencing right now.

It is not the virus that we need to be concerned about, but that which is happening in the background, behind the smoke-screen, under the umbrella of the CoVid emergency and safety regulations that should give us the chills. While Europe and most of the world is being quarantined under their own roofs to protect themselves and the elderly from a virus that is mild in comparison to most sicknesses currently active in the world in terms of daily deaths and mortality rate, governments all over the world use the window of opportunity to implement draconic measures, violating constitutional laws, deeply infringing on individual’s privacy, while fundamentally restricting the freedom of everyone in the process. While it remains unclear how long the quarantine may last, the rights of citizens are being taken away indefinitely without any promise whatsoever that these regulatory and legislative changes will be rolled back anytime in the future. Instead, it is simply based upon trust that they eventually will do so. And so politicians in almost all countries in the world find themselves in an unprecedented and unique position to be able to make more or less permanent changes to fundamental laws that otherwise could never be changed, while they must not be afraid that people might demonstrate on the street, which too, is forbidden on pain of penalties by emergency decree.

Needless to say, such conditions can lead to terrifying results if political leaders continue this overreach and extend their powers further without intending to roll them back later. Under the umbrella of protecting your neighbours and fellow beings, your cellphone data is now being legally collected, stored and analyzed in order to find out with whom you have been in contact – obviously without your consent. If you leave the house without permission or are too close to someone not of your household, you are facing draconic monetary fines and/or prison time, a condition increasingly enforced through the augmented usage of surveillance drones. Apps are currently in development with which people will be able to report their fellow citizens when they see them violate safety measures like social distancing or simply walking outside when it is not allowed. While it is not a reality quite yet, martial law – the presence of military on the streets to enforce the quarantine – is not really far away. There are already reports from countries like the Phillipines and Peru where the police has now the permission to use lethal weapons against the public in case they violate lockdown measures. In the meanwhile, discussions of abolishing paper money for a digital currency like a digital US-Dollar – due to infection risk of paper bills – is becoming louder by the day. Borders are mainly closed, travel is restricted, and social media censorship is at an All Time High. And this is all but the beginning.

The current uncertainty about how long such potential shutdown may last, must lead to many questions being asked: For how long will the population stay at home in lockdown until major unrests really take place? At what point is the loss of personal freedom greater than the risk of being infected by a virus? What will happen when households run out of food but are strictly ordered to stay indoors? It is quite obvious that the longer the shutdown lasts, the greater the magnitude of problems will become.

And so, while we sit at home patiently waiting for the dangerous virus to pass by, the world is changing silently but rapidly, and at the time you will finally be allowed to step out again, everything will have changed so dramatically, that you will wonder how this could all happen so fast and how we didn’t see it coming from miles away.

I am not necessarily saying that this is what is taking place, that this is a slow takeover and progression towards a police state kind of system, but think about how close they would be to their goal IF IT WOULD BE their intention to do that. With the assistance of AI-, smartphone-, surveillance-, and blockchain-technology this would be definite the end of democratic societies as we know it. But of course, this is all very unlikely because who would do such a thing? Wake up and see through the veil. Life is not what it seems and there is far more at stake than we are led to believe.

We already know what they are striving to achieve. Their dystopian ideologies and plans for the world have been known for decades and it is quite frankly in plain sight for everybody who dares to look and is able to connect the dots. It has been unbelievable frustrating to see this dark agenda progressing so fiercefully and so effectively while the world has not particularly noticed much of it. But times are changing, and they are changing fast. The more people see where this is going, the more difficult it will be for the dark side to take that path, for resistance is slowly but surely ramping up. Despite the danger, there is lots of reason for hope. And just as it is with chess, the moment you are going for it all is also the moment when you are most vulnerable to defeat.

This is reassurance: They shall soon be cut off. 

Because the dark side is not the only force at work here. Day after day people are waking up at unseen, parabolic rates. Everywhere in the world in their quarantined houses people come to agree that something in this narrative is not quite alright, that they are being fooled in some way or another. Families talk openly on the dinner table about how things don’t add up. On the same token, people quarantined suddenly have an enormous body of time at their disposal to do research online. Beings all over the world begin to ask unpleasant but very worthwhile questions. The Light side is at work. People who have known about this for so long are ready, willing and able to do the work that is necessary to prevent a scenario as outlined above. While you are reading this article know that there are powerful groups out there at this moment, working for the Light side, using any means at their disposal to fight against those who wish to implement the dystopian path and will soon begin to expose their cruel and abominable crimes against humanity. This is a race against time now. And while most of it happens in the background, know that we are not unarmed against the evil of the world, for the source is with us. And the truth will always prevail.

Before we come to an end on a positive note, one more thing about the importance of meditation in this critical age. We already know that mind over matter is a law of the universe. We are well aware that our thoughts form our individual and collective reality. Over decades, in numerous scientific studies the mind-blowing positive effects of meditation have been countlessly proven. In one of such scientific experiments seven thousand participants gathered and meditated with thoughts of love and peace in three different occasions, thereby reducing global terrorism and violence by 72 percent during that period. If seven thousand meditators can reduce worldwide violence by such an enormous degree – using only mindfulness and feelings love and peace – must we not conclude that the Force, the energetic field surrounding everyone and everything, must be significantly biased in favor of positive emotions like love, than negative ones? Is this not what the Source has promised since the very beginning of time, that love is and will always be above all? That even the darkest shadow could never overcast the burning flame of truth?

How can the evil proceed when just a spark of genuine love and hope may put an end to this wickedness? In the same way, how can a collected effort in combining this loving strength not lead to the flawless victory over their sinister intentions and plans for the world, so at last men can be free again?

The final battle is coming. And it was never more important to assist your fellow brothers and sisters in waking up, so they too will stand by you when the time comes. Inform yourself what is really going on, do not trust the despicable mainstream media. Be very attentive to what your politicians are doing while everybody else is looking the other way. And decide for yourself how much freedom you are yet willing to give away under the umbrella of security. Against the evil of the world only united we can stand.
It will all begin soon, and all will be revealed.

Shall the internet be cut off, will you know that things are about to heat up in the world. The forces of darkness and light are now in the final stages of preparation, and may the Force be with us all when they finally smash together in this most decisive battle for the fate of the earth. Remain vigilant and keep your eyes open. Meditate. Pray.


May the Source be with you,



PS: Watch the skies.


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