The Turn of the Tide

So I have returned from my spiritual quest. Time is short, yet many things are left undone. Instructions have been given to me which I am decoding to my best knowledge at this time, to pass it on to the fellows that recognize the truth inherent in this human experience.

This post is about the change that is about to occur on a global scale in the very foreseeable future. Many do not yet know what is coming, and it is supposed to be like that. Yet it does not change the fact that we are in a turbulent phase of existence which will fully unfold in months and years to come.

“A great storm is coming, but the tide has turned.”
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers

“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till. What weather they shall have is not ours to rule.”
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King

This is the account of the information I have gathered in years of research, meditation and journeys into the invisible world of consciousness. I do not claim to know all there is, which would be a foolish venture, nor can I predict the future, this is not about that. This is purely about the accumulated indications which imply that a storm is coming, and we need to brace ourselves, because due to the nature of things, the storm is unavoidable. The question is not whether or not the storm is arriving in our lifetime, the only question that matters is in which direction will we use the new energy to unfold. I have no interest in sharing the source of knowledge at this stage, but there will be more chapters in the future. The transition and calibration of the information that has been passed on to me and which I trust to a fundamental degree is somewhat tough to manage, but i give my best in order to provide information that might be crucial in the coming years, independent from whether you are ready, open or willing to accept these developments.

I will now share some views about Life and the way I understand it, which I feel is urgent at this point in time to share, no matter the consequences and implications. This is my subjective understanding of life accumulated through decades of experience. If you find yourself in this, chances are we are on the right track. If you do not find yourself in these words, you probably have work to do. Either that, or my accounting is wrong, which I doubt as confirmations have been received on infinite occasions. I will speak openly now.


The World that we know

We have all been spawned into a world which is best described as duality. Everything we see, feel and witness is an expression of that duality, which is basically a pendulum or spectrum of energy. Both darkness and light are possible, and so it is with everything in life. There is the bad, and the good, the bright and the dark, the warm and the cold. Duality, however is not our natural habitat.
We come from a different place, but at this stage are reincarnated into this plane of existence to fulfil our task that has been given to us in mutual agreement between ourselves and the source.

If this view disturbs you, brace yourselves.

No matter if you believe you are coming from the source or not, we cannot deny we live in a world that is not like it appears to be. We all felt from the very beginning that there is something weird about this existence and life as it should be. It is necessary at this stage to share information in order to path a way into the depth of existence. I have never in such detail described my understanding of what is going on, but I feel the necessity and can no longer withdraw myself from the responsiblity that I have agreed upon. Take it as you will, know that I am taking a risk here. There are entities in this plane that have a fundamental interest in you not knowing these things, as it would shatter the illusion they have created to trap us into the modern slavery which we call life today. The Matrix is real, and it is partially your responsibility to recognize it, and draw the appropiate conclusions from the implications taken from such scenario. You are only partially responsible, because you have agreed to come here without knowing where you come from. The accumulated experiences of your soul have been stored in a place that is not accessible without spiritual advancement, which is only possible for a fraction of beings on Earth at this time, but can be achieved by everyone.

Life is about so much more than we know. The example that comes to my mind is the analogy of the iceberg. It is estimated that about 90% of an iceberg is underwater. Which means that when you stand on such iceberg, you may access that which is visible like the surface, but in contrast have a hard time witnessing the depths of the iceberg. It is in the hidden shade underwater and one has to actually dive down to fully grasp the iceberg in it’s wholeness.



This is directly in correlation with the human ability to use only about 10% of the brain’s actual capability, which in turn means that there is about 90% of brain capability hidden to be unlocked. It is in the hidden shade, stored deep in the subconsciousness which you only have partial access to, until you finally decide to further advance into the depths of your being. As with the iceberg, it is necessary to dive into the depths to understand what it is all about. We all have a mission here and it is our assignment to find out what this mission is to be able to live this life fully.

You can resist it, but eventually you will always come back to the question that seems to be fundamental in understanding this experience: What is life about?

Yet, although the question has been around since the very beginning, no universal accepted answer has been found and agreed upon. It seems crucial that we need to first understand our very own subjective answer to this question. If we do not have such an answer to that question at this time, while the clock of life is continously ticking along, it might be time to explore this thought a little more. Because if we do not have such answer to that question, how will we be ever able to live our life in a way that is fulfilled and whole, in alignment with everything there is? Where is happiness coming from, when we do not understand the basic fundamentals of life itself? How can we build a house the ground if we do not understand how the ground is working, on which laws it operates and how to construct a complex structure on top of it without jeopardizing the final outcome?

We have work to do. Yet many are doubting and generally resisting against the idea of a higher, more purposefull existence. That there is actually way more than we know about. We, as a collective, have not yet grasped or barely scratched the surface of what is possible, because we are still operating from a state of denial when it comes to these things. There is abundance to explore and i encourage you to do exactly that: to explore that which you do not yet know. For that it is necessary to open your mind to concepts that you previously have not considered and evaluate it subjectively with your own experiences accumulated in your lifetime. We can decide to stay blind to these things, but the truth will always prevail.

So what is the truth? First of all, “The Truth” is subjective, based on our past experiences and very individual perspective on life. It also implies that the Truth is something that you need to figure out yourself, because only you are capable of doing so. There is a way to merge these individual Truths into a collective Truth in the future, but this is not yet the time to talk about these things.

We are here, because we agreed upon it prior to this existence.

Chances are that you have come here voluntarily by an universal agreement for a specific mission that only you can accomplish. This is what is meant when it is being said that everyone is special. You, with all your faults and blessings, have special abilities that only you possess in your very individual and complex way of being - and it is necessary to both embrace and understand these special abilities of yours, and the reason you came here in the first place.

Shuttering? Stay with me.

This ability of yours that you either unlock or deny, will fundamentally change this world in your lifetime to extraordinary degrees.

That which we currently see and understand about life, the way it is going and where it is heading will be completely altered in the years to come. The system will not survive the shift, and it is about us to shape the future of this planet and to unify our individual energies into the collective grid.
No matter what you believe you are here for, if you dismiss these concepts, you likely suffer to a large degree in your life right now. Because it is an inner current that is driving you to these things of depth which you cannot deny infinitely. The Force is real and it is up to us to embrace it. The only way to embrace it is to invest into it energetically. We will come to that soon.

The critical mass is about to be triggered

There is much talk about the critical mass that needs to be triggered.
Obviously due to us being actively involed in this Cryptosphere we mostly think about it in terms of massive adoption, but actually it is an analogy for the whole shift that is taking place right now. Surely, if we trigger the critical mass, which is said to be about 3% of the population it will manifest in Crypto as shooting prices and global FOMO, but this is only a subdiary of what is actually taking place:

The shift in energy due to astromical changes in the Grid of the Earth as predicated by many civilizations, predominantly the Mayans in the most accurate calendar ever created, is having huge implications on all beings on this planet at this time. Due to the global media there is a suspicious sphere about these Higher Timeframe happenings. But we already know that the media does not work in our interest at all, quite the opposite, so I encourage you to go your own way of exploring these things that clearly reside in the unconventional spheres when viewed from a social perspective. Talking openly about spirituality is a no-go in our such modern civilization.
The problem is not that there are entities that don’t want you to know these things, but that most sheeples of society dimiss the spiritual idea completely, not based on own experiences, but because of ignorance, and people tend to be afraid to speak about these things to avoid getting ridiculed, which needs to stop.

We are operating from a Low Timeframe

Life is a blink in existence. Compared to the movements of planets, and cycles in nature which outspans our definition of time by far, we must assume that there are both Lower and Higher Timeframes from which we are largely seperated. Yet they exist, and our non-understanding of these other Timeframes is giving us a hard time living in this plane.

From my point of understanding we are in the transition. Most people believe the Mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012. Because nothing was happening the idea that the Mayans knew anything at all was widely dismissed, which is hilariously ludicrous. What the Mayans predicted was not the end of the world, but the end of the world as we know it. The end of a thousands year cycle and the beginning of a new age, with the transitioning beginning after 2012. There are various records of what cycles exactly end, as it seems that multiple cycles happen to end at the same point in time, coming from various Higher Timeframes, making the impact even more significant and powerful.

It is not important that you believe it right now,
it is only important that you hear about it.
Just listen.

IF this is true, it has major implications on our lives. Like in a chart, you would like to see support in Higher Timeframes before entering a trade in Lower Timeframes, as it gives you an appropiate Risk/Reward Ratio, which means that the Investment you make will likely generate a positive result while minimizing the risk of failure. If we manage to accept that there are Higher Timeframes to this life, we inevitably must come to the conclusion that we are at the dawn of times, where huge changes are about to occur, while we are yet unprepared for the vastness of the experiences to come.

This is no problem as such, as Higher Timeframes have a different definition of time, which can be best described as patience from our perspective. The Shift must not take place in a single day, it is rather a transition through many years and decades, but the time is now, and we are all here to witness, and are asked to adapt.

We have a decision to make.

All of us, no matter how different we perceive to be, have agreed upon a universal responsibility that we cannot remember fully while being here. It is time to tap into that and explore everything that has been hidden from us. In the context of the Major Change happening right now at this time, it makes sense that with every individual having the guts and capabilities (we all have that and are able) breaking that barrier to the hidden, will path the way for fellows to follow. It is showing the way by example, which we all are responsible for if we realize it or not. We have a tremendous actual responsibility, yet we as a collective have mastered ignorance and excel in hiding everything under a huge pile of nonsense while maintaining specifically crafted ways of thinking that do not allow to access the outer boundaries of this existence. You have a decision to make, just as me and everyone else being here at this time.

You can resist the change that is inevitably occuring, and you will reap which you have sought.
You can support the change that is coming to us, and you will reap which you have sought.

The outcome seems to be the same, but there is a distinctive difference in that equation.
Your intent in combination with your focus shape the world as you perceive it, which is a subjective reality. If the trend reversal on that Higher Spiritual Timeframe is successful we will enter an age in which the subjective realities merge together to form a universal reality which we all share and contribute to. Which is obviously only possible if the critical mass is triggered to begin with, and mastered when the whole collective is ready to embrace this new way of experience.
Yet nothing is hidden in the universe, and there is a perfect accounting system inherent in this experience. Nothing you do will be forgotten, and you will always reap which you have sought, in this life or the next. Thus the only thing that matters in this equation is your intent and your capability to love. Wait Love? Such a controversial topic, so widely avoided all over the world.
We somehow feel disconnected and guilty about not feeling the love that we should naturally feel, and much evil is the result of this erring.

Yet Love is where all of this unfolds, and the capability to tap into that energy is the gateway to the hidden. So is stillness. So is sound.

If you decide to support the change, it is time for a change. Indeed it is time to take the time and tackle the things that are left undone. We must understand that the energies of this planet are changing at a rapid pace and we need to keep up energetically to be in tune with that. If we are able to tune in, we will experience life as effortless. All will be provided, in direct correlation with the trust you are able to have into the source that creates all things. I firmly believe that we are at the brink of time and every each and every one of us has a significant and powerful impact to make. For the first time in eons humanity has the chance to evolve energetically and spiritually which will alter this whole experience in extraordinary ways. The shift is so vast that words are no help here. With any One breaking the barrier, it makes it easier for those who intend the same. We are literally helping each other evolve by evolving ourselves. This is so powerful.

I firmly believe that many are Sleepers, waiting for something to occur. Especially in Crypto I believe we have many of the brightest and also spiritual beings around.
We all are waiting for something to happen, something extraordinarily shocking from our traditional perspective of life. Something that shutters our minds. And many are aware and can confirm that they are ready for it, although nobody can really express what exactly it will be like. Others are sleeping deeply, and they will have a rather unpleasant and shocking awakening, but it is not to be avoided. Eventually all will be good.

I want you to tap into that, because it is fundamentally important from a universal perspective.
There is nothing specific you must do to signal your support in that matter, all that you must do is to decide. The source will respond, if you make sure to interpret the signs and maintain your trust no matter the circumstances. We all have to learn here and can only make it easier for others to access what we have accumulated in our experiences, but everyone has to experience it themselves.

If you do not believe in these kinds of things, stay sleepy. All will be revealed in due time, and it is your conscious decision to make and your fruits to harvest. Well it kinda is a trap, because if you read until here, while I ask you for a conscious decision whether to support or not support this change, you have no way of deciding unconsciously here. You might ignore the question, but your answer is already revealed in yourself.

We must tap into that idea, and stop seeing ourselves so seperated from everyone else and finally release the boundaries of conventional thinking. Mind forms matter, and Thoughts are a way of communication and manifestation. We are all in this together, we just pretend to be alone. But eventually we must come to the conclusion that there is so much we do not know, and exploring that is the only way to achieve fulfillment in life - for all of us.

Love and Passion are great ways to tap into that. Observation is the main tool to understand. Patience is an energetic investment in that which you need is being provided. The Force is the energetic magnetic field surrounding us and our planet that you can tap into to communicate and manifest. Meditation is the means to generate energy that then can be used to transform, manifest or further understanding. Trust is the support that you build in order to receive. You must support the Force so it can provide what you desire from your heart. This is learning in an environment which is largely invisible to perception, as you are mostly operating based on feeling and intuition, which offer no proof in the logical world we live in. It is something that you can explore without anyone knowing it, in stillness while the learning curve gets parabolic after several weeks of investing energy into that spiritual side of life. There is nothing to lose for anybody here, but much to gain no matter if it is something you have or have not previously considered. If there is only one piece of advice I would like to remember for my next lifetime, it is this: Meditate. From there all will be revealed, if you keep being dedicated and patient although nothing happens first. Have trust. See it as an experiment to explore something you did not know about, like a child being naturally curious.
By tapping into that, which is the source of your being, which is connected with the source of everything, a whole new world will be shown to you that you have previously not engaged in, not even scratched on the surface, and it is so worth it. The way I understand it is that there is a major resistance that needs to be broken initially, which has largely to do with the Ego in control of our mind and trying to prevent us from tapping into that. Go beyond it and understanding is yours.

This is a both an introductionary post for what comes in the future and a measurement of how discussed information is being processed in order to see where we currently are in the course if things. I encourage discussions and input of any kind. If you have something to say about what has been talked about here, feel free to do so.

May the Force be with you,


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22 thoughts on “The Turn of the Tide

  1. Thanks Yoda, definitely needed to hear this. I too have felt that “itch” for a long time now. Something aint right, and there’s a train a’comin. Hope we’re all ready soon. Peace my friend

  2. As strange as it may sound I know exactly what you’re talking about. A major shift is coming and I can’t describe it in words but I can feel it. It’ll be a technological change that will be visible but another change will also occur in our collective consciousness. I just don’t know whether that change will be positive and push us above the resistance or will lead to our destruction and us going to “zero”. Would love to have a discussion with you about this.

    • i will find a way to discuss these matters collaboratively, already having a few ideas. will get there, thanks for your input mate

      • Hope to be part of the conversation too, once you start to take the next step further.

  3. GRRRRRRRRRRREAT READ !!!! I am on a similar path and started meditating just over a year ago then not long after this I began my crypto investing. I like the way you link the two and can grasp an understanding of why.

  4. WOW…..I have been on a massive spiritual awakening the last 3 years which was started by a big event in my life where my Mother had a brain haemorrhage which was the start of a chain of events that have both been full of contrast and full of unbelievable joy.
    I cannot express in words how your piece of prose has hit the right notes on many many levels within my soul.
    I am not in the right physical space or time at the moment to reply fully but please know how grateful I am to have read your words,
    Ryma x

  5. All of this. On point. So many things stand out, but suffice it to say that we are in this together. Much love.

  6. I was not going to reply but i saw your last sentence “I encourage discussions and input of any kind. If you have something to say about what has been talked about here, feel free to do so.

    -Truth is NOT subjective .
    -Not everything u see is true.

    please, WAKE UP you are being taken for a ride.


    • i should have added, if you reply and disagree, please provide sufficient information as a foundation for discussion. Unless you are awakened, Truth indeed is subjective as information is filtered by your subconsciousness, without you having much conscious control over it. Not everything we see is true - agree with that - but what you see and can confirm is likely the subjective truth of yours, not more, not less.

      Please elaborate on last part “you are being taken for a ride”, very curious.

      • - I do not claim that i am awakened or enlightened in any form or manner .

        - Truth is objective, it is not based on the perception of human beings . Truth is eternal and changeless . information is filtered through our perception which is form our reality our mission is to discover the truth and align our perception to the truth as much as we can so our reality become closer to the truth as consequence of that eliminating self inflicting suffering for example .

        - If anybody want to deceit you it will be very easy to do so if u believe the truth to be subjective . if truth is not objective then:
        1- there is nothing to be discover.
        2-your truth is different than my truth .
        3- people make their own truth.

        think for a second on that note and meditate on the consequences on the following questions for example
        what is right and wrong ? what is science and it is purpose ?

  7. What if…time was all relative. All your lives are scattered across the earth timeline, and there is no linearity per se. All souls come to the realizations you allude to in their own time/place. There is no collective awakening coming in my opinion. Just change, and individual awakening. Are there more advanced souls alive at this time point? Yes. Are there more 1st timers, and even animal group soul forced into human incarnation? Yes. Are we at a crossroads in the energy streams? Choice point? Surely, but what the individual can extract is purely up to them. I think this point in the time stream is both a fascinating spiritual opportunity as well as a great overview of the complete human experience available for noobs, or that aspect of the higher self that wants to incarnate into being without prior soul memories. Makes sense not to take all that baggage with you if you really want to grow. Crypto is a great lever to rebalance power towards the individual, from a financial perspective. The critical mass you speak of is legit to some degree, and collectively has lots of power. I don’t know how much until the riff raff gets cleared out of the psychic cloud of humanity surrounding the planet currently…Or maybe shepherds to the sheep thing is certainly possible. Crypto is a physical manifestation of an energetic/financial/creative pressure point. I’m pushing hard.

    • generally agree. i think the collective awakening will accelerate or get “triggered” with more souls awakening individually. So you have to fight your battle within first, and from this cleared state we can go on to transform the collective. thanks for your input, very interesting read

      • AUG, 2020. I see you still haven’t the mind to answer keilwa’s absolute truth nuke he unleashed over 2 yrs ago hey?
        Sad, from one who speaks from “truth” , or maybe you understood how ignorant your views on truth are?

        God Bless you in our Lord, Creator Christ THE TRUTH

    • varies. I learned Vipassana meditation some years ago, but am not sticking to particular techniques but vary intuitively. Scanning the body from within and observe what is happening, or focus on breathing alone is sufficient for starting out imho. It is not really important which technique you use, it is rather crucial that you begin the journey of meditation in the first place, from which all will be revealed

  8. Thankyou for sharing….your words of wisdom sing within my spaces….such a pleasure to feel more validation of a lifes quest that began many years ago within myself…yes…meditation is one of the keys to accessing these ancient truths that reside within us all….removing patterns that obstruct our realities aligns us with the source…yes I have been there…and returned to assist my fellow beings… as we transit into the Golden Age of Enlightenment….May the Force be with you…Namaste

  9. Erm, all this hippie hope is great
    But if states makes laws against this movement, GOOD luck with that

    Rich can take hopes for decentralization DOWN, bank and states can too

  10. If relationships are built on trust, and all blockchain is basically a technology built to create trust it stands to reason that Crypto is slowly spreading the gospel of trust. In so doing it helps foster more altruistic relationships by default and is slowing upgrading the collective consciousness of humanity as more and more people adopt the technology. I like how Bancor explores and tiptoes into this ethereal concept / topic when they start talking about the longtail and user-generated economies.

    I also believe we are living in extraordinary times but kind of “already” as opposed to something large looming in the horizon. I believe that society is now evolving so fast that many of us live in a self-imposed bubble where we imagine big things happening in the future to avoid trying to digest the global chaos unfolding around us as more and more people add their collective voices to the global Internet metamind. I used to think AR and VR were going to radically shake up everything right up till I starting looking at crypto, then I looked down at my smartphone and realized that was not around 20 years ago and that the internet wasn’t anything 30 years ago, and so on and so on. It’s crazy to think that less than 100 years ago commercial airlines didn’t even exist.

    I love your advice to mediate, because if nothing else it helps ground you to the source, whatever the “source” may or may not be.

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