The Dark Night Before Dawn

You see, I get it. We had this amazing time in December when everything went parabolic and the media got all crazy about it. It was a time of celebration with your fellow crypto folks, plans emerged what you are gonna do with the profits of yours. It looked like we will go up infinitly. Then the dip.

Since peak we are now down about 70%. Many got triggered by the Media and ended up buying high (take that as a lesson by the way, the Media does not work in your interest, but solely in their own), other’s were fortunate enough to buy earlier, so technically are not holding a losing position. However no matter where you are coming from, we have something that unites us all: We are in the game. And while the world economy gets a first glimpse of what the eventual meltdown will look like, we are still here. Yes, it is a temporary drawdown, but the single most important thing that many seem to oversee today is that we have a foot in the door, while the majority of the world’s population have both no clue and no plan. This is because we as humans are so distracted that we barely see what is really going on. The bubble is here, but it is not Crypto, it is the traditional fiat markets and the debt-based financial system that we currently entertain, which cannot be sustained for much longer. Please feel free to read my articles as I went more elaborately into that topic in the past. The energy is shifting, and humanity is slowly waking up. The thing with truth is, as soon as you understand it, there is no way of going back. You cannot unsee what you have seen. We therefore must assume that the number of awake humans will increase in the future until the critical mass is triggered, which will lead to a long-overdue global revolution. I am not solely talking finance here, I am talking about a spiritual revolution that is coming at us at a rapid pace. While that energy is increasing, every individual has choices. You can either go with the flow, or keep up the ignorance currently entertained by the majority of population. That is a topic that will be covered more in the coming months as this becomes more evidence in the real world. For now I wanna talk about the dip, and put out some thoughts about it from my very subjective perspective. Only take what you need, leave the rest.

You see, money is just a fraction of the experience we call life, and it is not the most important one either. I previously made some general statements about having wealth does not make you a happy and fulfilled person, and it is true.

I feel I can comfortably talk about that, because I have experienced both. Not too many years ago I walked through the grocery store with a calculator and could only afford food for my cat, but not myself. I know pretty well what poverty feels like, but on the bright side of things it made me go all-in in Crypto. It was simply my rescue boat.

Now due to me having experienced both extremes, I can tell that money is only a problem until you have more than you need to cover your expenses. Everything above is a bonus, but it will not significantly alter your life experience. It is nice to be free of debts and monetary problems, but life is about so much more than that. And it is only when you have more than enough when you will realize that.

We need corrections for a healthy trend, and I consider this statement absolutely true. Without any pullbacks, this crypto thing would be unstable and uncertain. Only the consolidations will bring the support that we need for a stable trend up, and you will be grateful for these dips in the future. However I feel the emotional and mental struggles in realizing that a dip is actually a positive thing. After all, we are losing money in this period. But it is only temporary.

We are in such a fantastic and exciting time of humanity, and we have the chance to witness and even participate in the biggest transfer of wealth that ever happened on this planet. It is still in early development, but inevitable, at least in my perception of things.
I am pretty confident in five years from here you will not even recall this particular dip. That is the peculiar things with dips, it is only intense when you are right in it, but quickly forgotten after. Thus the most important thing is not that the dip is here, but that you learn something from it. It may be an adjustment of your strategy, or gaining emotional strength that you have gained by holding through the storm. I have experienced many 90% dips, and I am still holding around. This is either because I am utterly retarded, or because I understand that the dips is not what matters. What really matters is what price you bought at, and how much you are willing to take until you give up.

I get it, this is a dark night for many, especially those who entered in the last months hoping for getting rich quick. This is usually not how this is going. In order to reap the benefits of your actions, you need to invest. I am not solely talking about financial investment, but constant investment of time, energy and willpower to make this happen, so you realize the reward is just in comparison the investment you made. The willpower needed to endure the dark nights will give you the power to handle the wealth later on. It is only then when you feel you have earned it, that you will attract that which you sought. Getting rich quickly cannot work in the same manner as putting extensive energy into something only to see it bloom in some years from here. Getting rich quickly will likely make you lose your wealth quickly as well. The pain and negative emotions on the path of reaching financial independence is what makes it worth it, and will enable you to keep the actual wealth you have earned in the future. It makes you mentally and emotionally strong, and this is not a bad thing. The emotions that you observe in dips like that is necessary for your future growth. Welcome it. Embrace it. Observing and conquering your emotions will make you a stronger being one step at a time.

No matter if you are holding a massive losing position, or just suffer from the emotional difficulties of holding in a dip: You are going to be alright, you get me? Everything is temporary, so is this. The only important thing to learn here is that you are able to survive this, both financially and emotionally. You are way stronger than you think.
I know that because I have experienced so many dark nights in my life that I stopped counting. Eventually everything is always going to be alright, know that and operate from the knowledge that all things change.

The only constant in this equation is you. You are the ship in the ocean of life, and yourself is the only thing you can steer. You are the captain of your ship. You cannot control how the weather will be, or how rough the sea will treat you. The only thing you are capable of controlling is that ship of yours that only you know how to steer. When the winds are tough and the sky is dark, you can only take in your sail and patiently wait for the storm to be over. However if you stubbornly set your sails, the storm will take you down without mercy. Life is as such. When rough times are here, it is too late to change it. The only thing you can ensure is that you have the strength and willpower to wait until the weather clears up, and the trust and knowing that there will be brighter days eventually.

Let’s get to some practical things you can do while the dip lasts:

o If you trusted your money with some fundamentally strong projects, have faith.
o Observe your emotions, feel how they want to trigger you to make bad decisions at the worst possible time. Just observe, but don’t act on it, so you will learn that emotions can be controlled. Otherwise the market will teach you sooner or later.
o Have a look at the BTC chart of the past. Analyze, see differences and similarities, understand how this market is moving.
o It may be a good time to reconsider your portfolio, or your portfolio-strategy. The flight to quality will inevitably come.
o If you cannot handle the emotions but want to go through with your strategy, turn off your computer. It is as simple as that and probably the most valuable recommendation I can give. Countless times I have closed my laptop because I knew it would trigger negative emotions looking at my portfolio, which in turn might trigger bad, unconscious decisions. Go out for a walk in nature. Read a book. Have some fun.
o Use the time at your disposal to research. Research projects, coins, fundamentals, the state of the world. Learn something while you wait for the market to turn.
o Meditate. It will calm your mind and decreases the power of emotions on your decisions. I consider Meditation to be the most valuable investment in life.

And remember, everything will be alright. In some weeks from here you will be looking back and barely remember the pain you went through. But what you have gained will stick with you for the rest of your life.

All the best and much strength, I know you can do it. Have faith,

13 thoughts on “The Dark Night Before Dawn

  1. Very well stated, it’s very much the way I approached my cancer diagnosis. Nothing is permanent, tomorrow is another day that will bring new experiences . Embrace the flow !

  2. We are all connected, we need the energy to realize this change. After that, much more responsibility because a lot of people will need our help.
    Thanks for sharing your insight.

  3. You are my hero buddy. Taking the time, effort and thought to give others a feeling of hope and wisdom. The worlds needs more people like you!

  4. Wow, I love this article. You are a true miracle, CryptoYoda. I can not put my gratefulness into words. May the strength be with you.

  5. Hi Yoda, much wisdom in your words. It is exactly the way I approach this business. I went in in the middle of Dec 2017. Currently like 60% down, but I’m not exactly worried. I think I’m just crazy type of person who doesn’t care about passing value as money, but the experience gained in the process. It’s so much bigger. The night will pass, dawn will come. And I will be standing there. Stronger, smarter, calmer.

    Meanwhile I just patiently study technical analysis.

  6. Many true sentiments are expressed here. Crypto can infect our mindset like a disease if we let it. It can also empower us to see the inevitable change that is coming our way.
    I have been through a turbulent time during this dip, and must agree that had I invested more in myself (such as by meditation) then I would not have been so lost in the storm.
    Considering my losses as the tuition fee for ‘CryptoCurrency 101’ helps to alleviate the distress this might cause and reframe the experience in a positive light. The knowledge of how to hold oneself throughout the ups and downs of this roller-coaster will be valuable in the times ahead when our financial independence may be foreged - if we can approach the market with a level head.
    Thanks for taking the time to write

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