Why I Am Doing This?

In short: I want change. Not only for myself, but for everyone in my environment. I learned trading the hard way, without teacher, solely by my own experience. I have burned severals accounts with significant amounts at this time (like 2000$ of my brother’s poker earning, god thank him for the lessons). The money I have paid was in order to learn. Certainly I didn’t think that by that time. I made some bad traders, tried to increase my position size in order to make back the loss. Typical trader trap, the vivious cycle. Went down to 0 within I believe 10 days. Didn’t really talk about it. Wasn’t a big topic either. It all begins in December 2012, when my brother, past poker pro, mentioned that the founder of Pokerstrategy.com founded another website, Tradimo, specifically designed to teach trading. It was the very first contact I made with the biggest game of human kind, the financial markets.

Trading is odd, isn’t it? Basically you are betting on red or black, you have a 50% chance of your decision to be true. But things are way more complex than that, especially when you try to recognitze patterns, trendlines, indicators and so on. Trading, in my opinion, is the hardest job in the world. Only few people are able to deal with the challenges coming along with trading financial assets. I’m talking about emotional stress here. Having a long position that dipped below your entry price and is dropping. Every trader knows how that feels. Even if your decision was right, you based your entry on the very best knowledge you had at that time, you are feeling this. You either have to be cold as blood, or exactly knowing what you are doing, else you will just donate your funds to the international money market. Do not take me wrong, its just a fact. In Trading, the very most intelligent people are in the market are in direct competition with you. In my case, a student sitting in his dorm and ttrying to figure out the magic behind all of this. I spent the last five years of my life in front of my charts, I have read, analyzed and observed several hours every day for five years in order to master my personal trading strategy.

Why? I believe charts have an intrinsically deep connection to life itself. This may sound strange at first, but just have a look at random statistics, may it be bee extinction or rainfall statistics in Arizona, doesn’t matter. Charts have fundamental way to work for everytthing. Eventually it is just a logic reflection of the reality we perceive. If you are into Self-Development and New Age Stuff you probably are anyway observing yourself closely. Changing the brain with all its subconscious patterns is a key element of our development. The ones who fail to develop themselves will fall into a vicious cycle. Learning lessons until they are learned. Thus, Self-observation is one of the most single important aspects of life. The one who is able to neutrally observe himself will grow, the one fwho fails to do so will suffer. And it has been like that for aeons.

Trading is closely connected with your personal life. Try the following. Focus on three single aspects that you want to positively develop in your life in the neartime future. Rate your performance every day, draw a bar chart of that. Soon you will witness that the movements of your personal charts will follow the same patterns as a chart in financial markets. At some times, it will feel harder to so something than in other periods. Certain things will be easier to accomplish than others, you don’t grow and be motivated every day, no illusions here. All im saying is that you can use the momentum of the charts, inspired by logical chart patterns of financial markets, to not only increase your trading profits but your life quality in general. But I am digressing.

From the very first moment i saw a chart on my screen I was absolutely fascinated. Such a thing, and I have never seen it! This was the beginning of a long journey. For five years I learned everything about charts, candlesticks, patterns, indicators, bots and so much more, impossibly integrated into this post. I learned. I payed a lot to learn many things, because I did not have a teacher. I learned it all by myself, first from books, then solely from experience. Rated every pattern and setup with every time it was successful or not. It was a long process, but now I have the fine-tuned strategy that I am profitable with, and used and refined this strategy ever since.

My strategy is longterm trend reversals, in other words, when markets turn from downside to upside. I tend to get into early entries so the price will soon be so far away from my entry price that I have the freedom to deal with my position as i like without risk. Mostly I try to get very early entries in anticipation of  Major Trend Reversal (Read Al Brooks, Price Action, you don’t know what this is about, will greatly benefit your future profits).

I will further elobarate on this in the future, but this is a post of WHY?

The reason I am giving the experience that I have gained is for fellow people on the same path to learn at a faster rate, to skip the unneccessary lessons that one unavoidably has to learn when beginning trading. Further it is to fellow dedicated traders who live from the heart to prosper, and help to transform its environment into a more harmonic state of abundance. It is my purpose to teach what I have learned.

For the ones following my signals, know that: I always give advice on the very best knowledge I have at that time. I still may err. Forgive that I still learn, learn something for yourself whenever that happens. I am focused on Trend Reversals, I buy the bottom of the emerging market to sell to newcomers at 100x profit. I almost solely invest based on fundmental analysis. I seldom buy shitoins, except if the Price Action looks so strong that it would be a crime not getting in for short periods. If fundamental_value or problem preposition that is solved, I plan to invest in this market. I see a buy exactly as a vote. Whenever you buy  position you give a vote for the specific project, at specific price range. Use that wisefully.

I am precise here: This is for the people looking for strong daily trade signals in order to accumulte a great crypto portfolio before the mainstream kicks in. Don’t doubt, it will come. Prices will be way higher in the future than just x100, but this is longterm. Most people hate longterm. What they want is a call “Buy NEOS at 860, sell four minutes later at 1300 with 50% profit”, like today. Yeah sometimes it happens and you make a little fortune in minutes, but thats not your strategy. Most people in this world are short-term focused. Thats fine with me, I’m just ain’t so, I always priorize the longterm view over the short term view. And that is the same in a market upheavel, there will be active traders, and there will be holders. Active traders are responsible for shortterm tops and bottoms, holders will hodl. Eventually, except if you are an incredible gifted trader, the holder will make more % of that bubble than the short-term oriented trader. Too much traps, emotional manipulation going on. Remember, you are in fight with the very most intelligent people in the world.

I have foreseen the altcoin bubble two month ago and neede several weeks to position myself accordingly in all coins that I feel will have a prosperous future, both on fundamental and technical analysis. The list is about 40 coins I have accumulated over  long period, with many more over x5 profits. But still, we are in the beginning of the Crypto Golden Age, which will make everyone rich having a full BTC, which will soon be a rare happening once International Fiat Money, Housing, Student Loan and Bondsmarkets will collapse. This is a fact, don’t be mistaken. The International Financial Market is bound to collapse, and there is no solution to stop any of this. This world is based on a monetary policy that creates more debt than money itself. The debt generated is never to be paid back, because the money needed to pay back the debts simply doesn’t exist.

Silver and Gold will prosper, so will Crypto. It is the only thing that is able to avoid a huge planetary crisis. For this the old systems needs to collapse and a new system will emerge, which will be Crypto. Yeah the Elite got its Hand in Crypto already, see all those BTC fork and manipultion attempts, blocksize debate, Blockstream, Ethereum, Ripple. But still your money is a vote for the world you want to see. Invest in Projects you truly believe in, not just for monetary gains. Your vote means more here than in the ordinary world.

I am in the Service of those who want a change, not necessarily know the technical knowledge and do not have the experience in trading, but see the potential in Crypto so they are committed and dedicated to do their very best to ensure their lives to be way more positively in the future (aka self-development).

Every day I will give daily longterm charts and trade suggestions. Trade at your own risk, it is just an advice. For me it means I see this trade as a higher percentage than 50%, and thus a profit-move. I solely give entries, no exits. That is because how can I possibly know the strategy of your trade? If you enter a trade, know what for. Longterm hold strategy? Immediate sell at 100% half position? Do with these entries as you please. With every entry I try to hit a point where prices will unlikely retest, so you have only minimal risk, but maximum profits. All trades I do are longterm hold, because I am more investors as I am trader. I buy a position low at the bottom, ride it way higher, sell when my logic and intuition tells me to sell. I encourage you to buy the positions I mention because I deeply believe with all my knowledge that this trade will be very likely profitable. How you trade it is your deal.

I want to give general future advice based on my experience in Crypto Markets. Crypto will be big in 5+ Years. Mainstream will be buying your coins for prices you would never have imagined. You think All Time Highs of Altcoins was all thats possible? Think again, not even 0.01% of the world own Crypto at the moment, Banks are heavily investing, so are businesses like IBM, Microsoft and so on. These are the leaders of the old system, and what they are trying to do is to convert the old broken system to a new system, so that they might continue the robbery on the people. Its simple as that. You know that money will flow in this systems, but you still got your vote.

I deely believe from the bottom of my heart that Crypto will revolutionize the world. Everyone holding a whole BTC will be rich beyond imagination. You may buy a shitcoin today and lose out, but you will just realize how much it was at stake at this trade 10+ years from now. Trade responsibly.

Try to make up a portfolio that has the most potential of gaining future profits. Everything will rise, its just your vote that decides what world we will live in.

If you like are really dedicated and want to learn trading avoiding the unneccessatry mistakes, feel free to write me at Telegram:

@Crypto_Yoda - https://t.me/crypto_yoda

Also please feel free to share my Twitter with fellow mates.

Safe trading and much success,










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