An Introduction To My System

Dear Fellows, today I will share an insight into my trading techniques as there has been overwhelming interest during last week. Lets start with the obvious: My trading strategy is the result of five years trial-and-error. In the course of my short trading career I have made almost every mistake possible, and paid a hefty … Continue reading An Introduction To My System

About Strategy

I have been asked frequently about specific targets for coins. Want to say something about that. There are different types of traders. Every trader is unique in his style and only he can use his strategy for maximum profits. There are breakout traders, swing traders, shorters, 1Minute Scalpers, and finally longterm holders. Having a strategy … Continue reading About Strategy

Why I Am Doing This?

In short: I want change. Not only for myself, but for everyone in my environment. I learned trading the hard way, without teacher, solely by my own experience. I have burned severals accounts with significant amounts at this time (like 2000$ of my brother's poker earning, god thank him for the lessons). The money I … Continue reading Why I Am Doing This?